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Take a quiet moment in Lauren’s Garden, a memorial that honors Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas – a passenger on United Flight 93. With its flowing water, beautiful sculpture, seasonal flowers and leafy trees, the garden memorializes all lost on September 11.
When approaching Lauren's Garden from Congress Ave, the sight of the Chase Tower rising from the fog in the center of the fountain reminds us of both our vulnerability and our strength. The fountain is centered on the garden so that it is viewed with the tower in the background from the commemorative medallion.  
The three granite walls in the fountain represent the sites of the crashes - New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.  Each smooth stone represents a life lost: 2,628 small pebbles for the victims who died at the World Trade Center, 184 larger pebbles for the victims who died at the Pentagon and 40 stones in the fountain for the victims on United Flight 93.
The artist modeled the pieces in the fountain after bristlecone pines, trees which are thought to live longer than any other single organism - up to 5,000 years. 
The garden as a whole celebrates nature. Lauren loved the outdoors - being on the river, kayaking, and the space incorporates elements of a soothing river - falling water, stones and plants - while fitting appropriately into an urban context.
The yellow Forty Heroes Roses were bred in memory of the victims of Flight 93. The plantings are designed to bloom sequentially year round with colors that complement the Flato benches. Some will scent the garden. Others are already attracting butterflies and dragonflies are hovering over the water.

For more information on Lauren, please visit the Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas Foundation
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